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Puppeteer, Narrator, Voice Actor.

A lifelong performer and avid gamer, I live for the state of play and how it can bring people together. Talk to me about board games and TTRPGs!

Height: 6'

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes Color: Blue


Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Me


Hellbent Pictures | Abruptio | 2023

Lead Puppeteer

Special Skills

Puppetry, Voice Over, Improvisation


Crescent City by Sarah J Maas | 2023

Hunt Athalar

Seal of Confession | 2023


Rescued | 2023


Joyless | 2023

Narrator (as "Silas Hart")

Training & Workshops

Commercial/VG Courses with SoundOn Studio

Private Coaching with Tania Possick

VO Camp Commercial Intensive

Acting for Puppetry with John Tartaglia

Muppets Workshop with Steve Whitmire and Eric Jacobson
The Second City | Improv 1-3 | Various

The Second City | Conservatory | Various

Richard Horvitz | Animation A & B

Angel of Light | The Los Angeles Theatre | 2023


"Levi Newman," Improv Actor

Cedar Fair | Ghost Town Alive! | 2017-2023

The Nightmare Before Christmas Concert | Disney Concerts | 2021

Jack Skellington Puppeteer

The Walt Disney Company | Shows and Special Events | 2011-2017

Puppet/Show Maintenance Specialist

Puppeteer, Performer

Disney Junior: Live on Stage

Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage

The Jedi Training Academy

The Walt Disney Company | Shows | 2005-2017

Web Series

Lead Puppeteer (Razamort, Kranken, Freck)

FailArmy | Womp & Co. | 2022

Lead Puppeteer

Wizards of the Coast | Stuff of Legends | 2020

ScreenJunkies/Fandom | MovieFights | 2019

Guest Appearances as "Cucumber"

Maker Studios | The Remember Hour | 2016-2017

"Rash," Lead Puppeteer and Voice Actor, 2 Seasons


Geico | "Eager Beaver" | 2019

Lead Puppeteer/Voice Actor

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